General Wesley Clark explains why the US is in Syria.



Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees

On October 3, 2007, General Wesley Clark made an important speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in which he explained how he came to learn that a faction in the US Pentagon had seized control and were planning to invade seven Middle Eastern countries in five years. Now everybody else knows except for the 80% of the West following the mainstream media.

The reason Clark details here and it is the reason the Russians decided to go into Syria. It is also the reason ISIS/ISIL/AL NUSRA/DAESH has quietened down appreciably since the Russians started bombing their locations. General Clark had just published a book entitled "A Time to Lead" and his speech at FORA TV appears to have been a pitch for the Democratic presidential nomination which was of course handed to Barack Obama.Evidently he misread the number of people interested in perpetual war on both sides of the political divide.



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