Murdoch pledges fealty to US in recent speech.

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If there were ever any doubt as to which side of the Pacific media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s heart lies, it surely evaporated during Monday’s address at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC. As reported in his eponymously titled Australian newspaper today (, Murdoch notes “I was an American before I became one. I was born in Australia ……..but am now an American.” So every time you read anything of a political nature in ‘The Australian’ or any other Murdoch medium, you might be forgiven for assuming it has been shrink-wrapped in an American flag. Perhaps this comes as no surprise to the Brics, Asia, Africa or South America; may be not even to the Brits who know him as “the Dirty Digger”. But it may be something of a wake-up call for us in Australia. Somehow such patriotic exuberance must leave even the most supportive of Mr Murdoch’s local ‘mates’ wondering whether he should be acquiring any more of the Australian media scene without a disclaimer?

As a supposedly independent nation, surely Australian media, however Marxist or Fascist in taint, at least believe that what they project is for Australia’s good rather than for any other nation. Otherwise be aware that what is written by foreign owned media could be little more than propaganda for their masters.

It would seem worthwhile that this test be applied in all cases but in particular to any digital or ink-based offerings associated with this American proprietor.


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